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There comes a moment in every small business owners life when look at their logo and wonder, is it as good as it can be? Is this representing my company the way I want? Annie, founder of The Good Rug, found herself asking those very questions before reaching out to me.

After being burned by quick-logo online markets, Annie reached out and we instantly clicked. After a few emails, a phone call and endless google searches for Moroccan rugs, I started sketching ideas.

The goal was to achieve a balance between primitive and modern. It was important to keep the logo one-color based on how Annie liked to use her logo.

Annie was so lovely to work with and she runs her business on pure love of rugs. I learned so much about this world and now aspire to have a moroccan rug in every room in my house now. Do yourself a favor and follow The Good Rug on instagram or keep an eye for her next pop up.

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